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A BIPOC Researcher Checklist

Given the increased need for BIPOC researchers, Insights in Color wanted to provide a way to empower prospects, candidates and job seekers with a list of factors to consider when navigating new job opportunities. 

This list is meant to:

1. Establish a foundational set of factors for BIPOC research and insights professionals to consider when seeking or transferring to a new role.

2. Provide a comprehensive way for researchers of color to examine how the outward facing statements made by a company may or may not match their actions or efforts especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

3. Arm BIPOC researchers with the right consideration tools to make better, well-informed judgement calls on the companies & departments seeking our unique talents and expertise.

It was created for:


This list is meant to empower you to ask the right questions during the interview process or to at least be on the look-out for specific cues and codes on how welcoming/ inclusive your experience will be should you be asked to join a company or research request.


This list is meant to encourage you to properly vet & examine the origins of the need and to guage your current company’s vision and commitment to the space, and the extent to which your efforts will be successful.

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