Demystifying Market Research

To help demystify the market research and insights industry, we've started collecting the most frequently asked questions by students and young professionals and asked working market researchers to shed some light on what can feel like a unknown industry. 

What questions should I ask the company in an interview to ensure it’s a good culture fit for me and my identity?
How is client side different from agency side?
What are some of the difficulties faced by BIPOC market researchers?
How do you know if I should do qual or quant?
How do I know MRX is right for me?
What are the best cities for marketing research?
Are there any courses or resources to help me learn more about market research skills (moderating, data analysis, etc)?
What career options are available for market research?
Where can I go to school or get market research training?
What’s IIC? How can it help me?

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