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Employer Accountability Pledge

Everything we do is rooted in intentional disruption - we believe the system is broken, and that there is a need to change the industry from the inside out. Your role within your organization can be a key driver in helping us change the industry for the better. 

As leaders and/or hiring managers, your input and guidance are critical in ensuring that diversity & inclusion remain integral to how the research and insights industry operates.

In order for research to truly impact the lives of consumers, there is a need for it to be representative in nature. The effort to achieve representative and impactful outputs starts with you.

The only way to foster equality in representation is to ensure a diverse pipeline of talent and a way to support that talent with an inclusive workplace culture built with the needs of bipoc talent in mind. This pledge is the first step of many to ensure the right kind of change is seen in our industry.

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Insights in Color is providing access to diverse research and insights talent. In exchange, we are asking that companies accessing this space to be aligned with IIC’s call to action:

Insights in Color is asking organizations wishing to align themselves with our initiative to join our mission of disrupting the status quo regarding recruiting, hiring and retaining diverse talent in the research and insights field.

IIC does not believe in “participation awards” when it comes to implementing real change around diversity and inclusion. By committing to this pledge, we hope that it will serve as a catalyst for you to continue the conversation around diversity and inclusion within the research and insights space at the highest levels of your organization.

The IIC Employer Accountability Pledge

  1. We pledge to check our biases and assumptions at the door, question what we think we know, and leave room, space and grace to admit that there are things that we may not fully understand. 
  2. We understand that until we do this, and step away from, and outside of our “normative ways of thinking” that the market research system and our hiring and retention processes will remain broken and ill-equipped to welcome and create space for future BIPOC researchers in our industry. 
  3. We pledge to do the work that is necessary to continue making our work environments safe spaces to have the necessary, complex, and sometimes difficult, conversations about diversity and inclusion.
  4. We will commit to creating a work environment that has the necessary tools, resources, education and mentorship parameters needed to keep BIPOC researchers fully supported and engaged in this space for the long term. 
  5. We pledge to keep the pipeline of diverse candidates for our organization full and ongoing at all levels, with the right measurement tools to monitor progress and success in these spaces. 
  6. We recognize that creating truly inclusive environments requires on-going work, substantial budget, and resources to sustain them and how they evolve overtime. Because of this we will commit to ensuring that these areas are always considered and highly prioritized within our organization. 
  7. We will continue to rethink our traditional ways of working by finding inspiration from other brands and companies seeking to do the same, and then augmenting those outputs in a better, fresher, more provocative way that truly incites change and action within our industry. 
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