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Data is Beautiful Submission

Data is Beautiful Submission



1. DOWNLOAD the submission template, fill it out & save it

2. SUBMIT the information in the Data is Beautiful Form; attach the template from step 1.

3. PAY the submission fee*

4. FINALIZE & work with IIC to clarify any last minute touches & see your insights story on site in 10-15 business days!

*due to the highly interactive nature of the data is beautiful platform, IIC must pay web design specialists to create each and every story in unique ways. We take a lot of time to liaise with each specialist throughout the story development process along with members of your team. The fee accounts for the labor of the web design specialists and the IIC team.

  • Additional Information

    • Each insight story submitted will receive its own page on the Data is Beautiful Website.

    • Each insight story submitted should specifically be about BIPOC consumers, BIPOC communities or products that are geared towards BIPOC groups.

    • IIC reserves the right to turn down any research stories deemed potentially harmful to BIPOC communities at will.

    • Any money exchanged in these cases will be promptly refunded.

    • Each insight story will be visually lead.

    • IIC will add the necessary visuals, you simply provide the context and the data.

    • IIC may take liberties in changing how the story is told to ensure it captures its intended audience, college students, young professionals and high school seniors.

    • It will take at least 2 weeks to get your story uploaded and finalized to the site. You will be able to review the work before it goes live.

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