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IIC Researcher Gallery Wall


Insights in Color is bringing researchers of color into one place to build a new kind of virtual researcher community online.

This gallery is meant to create visibility for researchers of color, push the envelope on re-imagining what a researcher looks like and serve as a platform where BIPOC research practitioners can find each other and build a one-of--a-kind connected network.

If you are a research or insights practitioner of color, we'd love to add you to our gallery! 

How to join the Gallery Wall

Fill out the form below

Submit a picture your grandmother would be proud of. Wait 1-2 weeks to find your picture in our gallery

The image you select should be of you doing fun, everyday, non-research things. No professional head-shots please- we take people as they are here.
Selfies encouraged. Be your most authentic self.

All submissions are final and can not be revised. 

Join the Gallery

[optional] Please provide ONE link that you'd like your image to connect prospective viewers to. This can be a link to your Linkedin page, your personal website or portfolio. [links will not be able to be changed once submitted] INCLUDE HTTP://
Practice Area (no more than 2)
Please upload a HI-RES picture of yourself. No corporate head shots please! We want to see you in your best, most fun, most fly, most authentic self! A picture that would put a smile on your grandmother's face. [please note, images will only be uploaded once, so make sure these are the pictures you really want others to see]
Upload File

By submitting your information and image for the IIC platform, you agree to allow Insights in Color to use your likeness and information provided (first name, last name, title, research practice area, respective link & picture) on the IIC website for any content referring to "researchers gallery page" or networking documents to be released afterwards, unless otherwise noted, without any further permission from, or payment or attribution to you.

Furthermore, by submitting information to this platform, you attest that you are at least 18 years old, a market researcher of color (Black, African American, Hispanic/Latinx, Asian, Biracial etc.), and that you own and control all rights to the images and information you've provided. For questions about the use of your information please email *

Welcome to the Community! Check back in 1-2 weeks to find yourself in the gallery!

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