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What's the Story Behind That?

A series that supports our education pillar and is dedicated to highlighting the stories behind some of your favorite commercials, brands, products and innovations with the goal of showing you how you can be a part of a growing, dynamic industry.


BIPOC students and young professionals who may not be aware of the MRX field or how important their voices and perspectives are in the field of research, strategy and insights.


Instead of focusing the conversation on research and insights first, we start with the end product - something young consumers all know, use or have seen. We then and talk about how research and insights were used to create something we love. 


We have slots open for this coming

April & September 2022.

With over 100 RSVPs, and 7+ educational institutions, IIC secured a 60% attendance rate throughout the entirety of our previous session and plan for a higher success rate in the future. 


Research & insights brands/ agencies wishing to partner with us will need to have an "end product" in that can be shared with the public in mind. 


 Once you have this, register, pay a small fee and work with the IIC team to secure the final logistics


Contact IIC to make sure your school and students are included in our "What's the Story Behind That?" initiative announcements. 

Finally, if you're not yet apart of the IIC community, be sure to join our mailing list. 

Past Sessions

On October, 14, 2021 at 12pm EST  IIC was joined by Microsoft to present to students across the country on how some of their most memorable campaigns came to life with the help of insights and researcher. 



Renuka Iyer is a Director of Market Research in Microsoft’s Research + Insights team.  During her tenure at Microsoft, Renuka has held several positions within the team and has proven experience in both consumer and commercial business areas.  Her superpower lies in building strong relationships and bringing diverse data and people together to drive one coherent customer insight and story.


She has drawn on these superpowers consistently to build complex programs from (sometimes an ambiguous) idea. As a leader, she is hands on, authentic and passionate about promoting a diverse and inclusive work culture.

Prior to Microsoft, Renuka worked at Unilever, India.  Renuka lives with her family in Seattle, Washington.  She is a mom to two teenagers with wide interests ranging from food, travel, reading, running, hiking, Zumba and deeply involved and interested in causes that benefit education, especially for under privileged children.  



Stacey Terrien is the Director of Global Advertising at Microsoft.  During her tenure at Microsoft, Stacey has served as a Product Marketer in mobile devices where she was granted a patent for innovative production techniques, and has also overseen global advertising creative development across multiple award winning campaigns for Windows, Microsoft Teams, Edge, Bing, the Microsoft Holiday campaigns and the Superbowl spot “We All Win” which won five Cannes Lions, including the prestigious Titanium Award.  Most recently Microsoft was awarded Cannes Lions most prestigious award – Creative Advertiser of the Year 2021. 


Stacey is known for her keen creative sensibilities, passion for storytelling and leading and inspiring diverse teams to greatness.   Prior to Microsoft, Stacey worked at Mastercard on the highly decorated “Priceless” campaign, Verizon Wireless in music and lifestyle marketing, AT&T, the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Sparks where she helped to launch the WNBA.



I bring over 20 years of experience and expertise in integrating consumer stories and data, cultural currents, and category trends to informing, inspiring, and guiding brand strategy. Throughout my career I have applied a social science approach to consumer and health research to ensure insights are action focused.

My consumer research specialties include brand positioning and comms development, new product development (NPD), and global/multicultural insights and strategy. I have led multi-disciplinary projects across categories such as financial services, automotive, entertainment, tech, and retail. Clients included Visa, American Express, Lucasfilm, Microsoft, Google, and the Gap.

In health research I have worked in HIV prevention, substance use interventions, and medication adherence. 

My foundational training is in Cultural and Developmental psychology.

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