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1. Are you currently a BIPOC freelance/ contract market researcher?
2. Do you currently work as a market researcher/ strategist full time at an agency/ company?

How long have you been a market researcher?

3. In the MRX/ insights / strategy industry
4. Working as a freelance researcher
5. Do you currently have your own freelance/ independent BIPOC market research company?
8. Is your business, or are your freelance services professionally insured?
10.What regions do you have experience working in?


How many years of experience do you have in the following categories?

11. Consumer Packaged Goods
12. Beauty
13. Apparel/Retail
14. Automotive
15. Luxury
16. Food & Beverage
17. Home/Household Goods
18. Electronics
19. Tech
20. Finance
21. Insurance
22. Healthcare
23. Other (write in)
24. What type of work do you usually do? Select as many as needed

Please specify the amount of experience you have per practice area

25. Qualitative Research
26. Qualitative Field Coordination / project management
27. Quantitative Research
28. Quantitative Field Coordination / Project Management
29. Shopper Insights/ Journey Mapping
30. Consumer Insights
31. Multicultural Insights
32. Cultural insights
33. Brand Strategy
34. Innovation
35. Data Analytics
36. Semiotics
37. DEI Strategy
38. Project Management