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Researcher Application Process

Get paid for your insights on multicultural consumer research.

Step 1:

To determine your eligibility you will be required to answer preliminary questions (right)
and do a quick baseline assessment of your skillset (below).

(7-10 mins)

Step 2:

To ensure your information is properly loaded into the system. (5mins)

Save this portal page in your bookmarks!


Step 3:

Wait to hear back from an IIC Admin!

Researcher FAQs

How soon am I expected to respond to new requests?
If you’re available, as soon as possible. Most requests have a 24hr – 72hr return window depending on the size of the document.
How do I know if I’m verified?
You will be able to have access to your full profile and see your personal information.
How soon do I get paid once the work is submitted?
We are aiming to release payments in batches to all researchers-  twice a month

How much are the researchers paid?
Researchers receive 80-90% of the fees paid by customers. The remainder covers fees to keep portal functional and operating. To see our payout rates, click here.  
Can clients contact me outside of the portal?
Having contact with clients outside the IIC portal or outside of the initial research request is against IIC Forwards platform rules.
What if there’s something I don’t know or that I’m not sure of when it comes to what’s submitted?
Be honest with your client and let them know that, or, if you prefer, send a note to IIC Forward’s email address and we will do out best to help. For larger requests there will often be at least 1 additional researcher on the request submitting answers as well. We do this to ensure all of the answers aren’t expected to come from just one researcher.

What is expected of me for the consulting option?
We have two consulting options.

For the 1hr consulting call, that should usually come after you submit the document(s) back to the client and will be utilized any time the client wants to speak with you about your responses- typically a day or two after you submit the information.
The second consulting option is a month long engagement and consists of no more than 4 touchpoints with the client (up to 5hrs of your time within a 30 calendar day period). Within this period you can expect up to 4 phone sessions and to potentially be sent 1-3 documents to review.

What kind of documents can customers submit?
Anything associated with the research process: screeners, proposals, reports, discussion guides, surveys, stimulus, etc.

Who are the BIPOC researchers reviewing customer requests?
Freelancers and contract researchers who are vetted through IIC’s onboarding process.

Why would more than one researcher be needed?
Diversity and Inclusivity can be a moving target and can feel different to different people. It’s always best to get multiple opinions and prospective on anything dealing with inclusion to make sure you get it right.

Can customers choose the researcher(s) that review their requests?
No. However, all customers can input the parameters of the type of researchers they think would suit their project needs best based on experience, subject matter expertise, gender, ethnicity and more.

What about confidentiality?
Along with IIC’s onboarding and vetting process, all researchers must sign IIC’s confidentiality and terms & conditions agreements before being considered for hire. In addition to that, all clients have the option of uploading their own confidentiality agreements into the portal. Researchers can not work on anything until all agreements are submitted.
How long is customer information kept in the system?
All research request documents will be deleted after 30 days from the date of completion.

What should customers expect after submitting a request?
Researchers who receive and accept a request will add notes to the documents you submit through the portal and send them back to you. If needed, they will message you in the portal for further detail.
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