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Diversity Sense Check

In an effort to accelerate the change we want to see and disrupt outdated market research practices, the insights in color team has developed a research methods sense -check tool for marketers and researchers who might be lacking the necessary diversity on their teams to ensure their projects are always constructed with the new, diverse & highly nuanced mainstream audience in mind.

The IIC Diversity Sense Check Tool is meant to be a first step of many.

This tool was created to help push research and insights experts to ask the very real and necessary questions that aren’t always top of mind during the ideation and planning processes.

This sense-check exercise is meant to be used for any and all research projects that involve consumers - not just those focusing on multicultural audiences & insights.

DSC Survey Link

Diversity Sense Check Survey

We hope to begin the process of empowering marketers, researchers and insights professionals with the ability to interrogate the make up of their internal teams and client teams as well as their research approaches, methodologies, tools, and sample plans in order to more clearly identify what is unknown and what has not yet been considered in the context of data and consumer insights.

Once sense-check measures like the IIC Diversity Tool become automatically ingrained into our way of working, brands and agencies will be able to better address the types of internal resources, and shifts to hiring approaches they’ll need to implement and consider to ensure truly representative consumer insights and stories.


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