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Giving clients the tools to immediately request freelance market researchers for their projects at the click of a button. 

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What it's For:

Brands and agencies seeking freelance, temporary, contract or contract hires. This includes independent agency owners. 

"The candidates we've seen from Insights in Color are consistently relevant, qualified and successful. Whereas other sites require a great deal of sorting through irrelevant applications, Insights in Color has helped us get the support we need quickly and effectively."   - IIC Client

How it Works:

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Submit payment ($150).
  3. Wait for Replies.
Freelancers will be sent a one-time email blast of your request details. Once your submission is entered it can not be edited again. 

Our Researchers:

Freelancers are members of the IIC community who have identified themselves as independent contractors or who are founders of their own research firms. Click here to join the growing IIC freelancer community.
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Years as a market Researcher
Years as a Freelancer

The Details.

  • At the point of payment, your request and exact details entered below will be emailed to freelancers in our database.

  • Once your request is submitted and paid for, you will not be able to edit it.

  • Freelancers who qualify will reach out to you directly.

  • The contact person indicated for this work below will be emailed a copy of the request.

  • Your request will not be posted on our job board- that is for full-time roles only. 

Need another freelancer for a different request? That will count as a new request. You will have to enter that information below and submit payment. 

Request a Freelancer

What kind of resource do you need?
Level of Expertise Required
Research Experience Required
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