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New Freelancer Marketplace

Brands, companies and organizations are actively looking for BIPOC research and insights professionals to hire to shift towards a more diverse & inclusive workplace. However, the pipeline for multicultural talent within the research field has historically been weak, as BIPOC professionals in this field are not only rare, but often choose to work for themselves after spending several years in the industry.

To fill this void, Insights in Color (IIC) has begun creating various tools to serve as interim solutions for brands and companies seeking diverse talent, including the Diversity Sense Check Tool and the IIC Job Board in partnership with Mimconnect.

Today, Insights in Color is launching the IIC Freelancer Marketplace to ensure that BIPOC Freelancers are discoverable by companies and brands seeking their expertise on various categories including beauty, retail, technology, cpg and more.

Connecting to BIPOC researchers is a simple three step process. Companies seeking freelancers for short-term projects can submit their request and desired criteria in IIC’s Hire a Freelance Researcher Form . Once the information is captured, and payment is submitted, IIC’s network of BIPOC freelancers will automatically be notified of the the request.

By developing this tool, IIC hopes to help bridge the gap for companies seeking diverse talent for all of their needs, not just DE&I or multicultural requests.

Visit the Hire a Freelance Researcher page for more information.

To join our researcher network visit our Ways to Join page
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