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The Quirk’s Event, Virtual Fall Edition

Insights in Color Board members, Dee de Lara, Kathy Dini James, Nathaly Pacheco-Santivanez, and Kalil Vicioso presented at The Quirk’s Fall Virtual Event on Wednesday, October 28.

We all know the insights industry has work to do when it comes to implementing real change around diversity and inclusion. So how do we get there? This panel of BIPOC researchers from Insights in Color aims to offer concrete steps toward progress by exploring topics such as:

1. As a BIPOC in research and insights, which aspects of identity have either enhanced or served as a barrier for growth within the industry
2. What drew them to the industry in the first place and how to attract young BIPOC to marketing research
3. How to spark action around diversity and inclusion within your organization and your research practices
4. How to ensure diverse voices are heard and insights are coming from a place free of bias and racist lenses
5. What Insights in Color is doing to change the industry from the inside out

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