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IIC Forward

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IIC FORWARD was created to give clients the ability to have their research approaches and documents (screeners, reports, discussion guides, stimulus & more) reviewed in real time to ensure diverse and representative measures are accounted for in their work. 

What it is. 
A fast, easy way for clients to receive input from experienced BIPOC market researchers on every step of the market research process. 
Who it's for. 
For brands and agencies seeking support and inputs to ensure more intentionally inclusive research methods and outputs. 


Get paid to contribute your insights on multicultural consumer research projects.


Receive real-time inputs and guidance on your  research approaches & documents. 

Researcher Application Process

To ensure we recruit the right researchers, there is a quick, three step application process.

Researcher Portal

Step 1:

To determine your eligibility you will be required to answer preliminary questions (below) and do a quick baseline assessment of your skillset. (7-10 mins)

Step 2:

To ensure your information is properly loaded into the system. (5mins). Save this portal page in your bookmarks!


Step 3:
Final Approval

IIC Reviews your application and determines placement. (24-48hrs). If approved, vendors will sign necessary terms & conditions agreements before they are eligible to receive research requests.

Client Portal

Have your documents reviewed fast and efficiently by IIC Researchers.  

Client Portal

Submit a request in IIC Forward’s Portal.

Create a research request based on the number of pages in your document that are needed to review (submit a simple, intermediate or advanced request).

Correspond with researchers in real time. 

Once a researcher picks up your request you will be able to message them or speak with them through the portal about any additional details you may need from them.

Receive critical feedback in 24- 72 hours.

Depending on the size of the request, our researchers will review your document and submit notes and feedback within 2-4 business days.

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