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IIC believes that all data is beautiful. Because of this, we are dedicated to sharing impactful research stories in ways that are meaningful and engaging. This platform was built to move research out of white papers and to the eyes of the next generation of BIPOC researchers. By doing so we hope to aid in growing the pipeline of multicultural research & insights talent.

Data is Beautiful Story Submission


1. Changing the way data and insights are socialized in the industry by reimagining insight outputs about BIPOC groups.

2. Appealing to younger generations of researchers in order to highlight the importance & impact of BIPOC groups being the architects of their own stories.

3. Shining a light on brands, agencies and insights suppliers doing the work to tell immersive, impactful multicultural insights stories


1. DOWNLOAD the submission template, fill it out & save it

2. SUBMIT the information in the Data is Beautiful Form; attach the template from step 1.

3. PAY the submission FEE ($1500)*

4. FINALIZE & work with IIC to clarify any last minute touches & see your insights story on site in 10-15 business days!

*due to the highly interactive nature of the data is beautiful platform, IIC must pay web design specialists to create each and every story in unique ways. We take a lot of time to liaise with each specialist throughout the story development process along with members of your team. The fee accounts for the labor of the web design specialists and the IIC team.

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